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Innocent Passion

Wide-eyed, Lexi gripped the piece of paper tighter as she peered up at the man standing before her. “Do you really mean it? Or is this just your high talking again?”

She wanted to believe he was telling her the truth more than she had ever wanted anything before. Her heart started fluttering in her chest as she looked down at the letter again.

She slowly read each word over, savoring the feeling of having a man like Drake want her. With a glance up, her eyes widened again as Drake nodded.

“I really mean it. I want you to be my girlfriend. I promise to treat you with every respect you deserve. I love you, and someday, I may ask you to be my wife, if you’ll have me.”

By this point, Lexi’s heart was pumping, the adrenaline rush coursing through her body as she tried to contain her excitement. She wanted him as much as she believed he wanted her. However, she couldn’t act too excited as the fear of scaring him away so soon was too unbearable.

Instead, she simply sighed, grabbed his hand, and whispered, “Okay”.

Full of joy, Drake threw his arms up in the air and cheered before reaching them back down and wrapping himself around his new love. His tears dripped down her shoulder as he professed his denying feelings for her.

Lexi could feel his heart pounding against her chest as she tilted her head upwards to kiss his appealing lips. Still in tears, he kissed her back, his right hand pressed against the back of her neck, comforting her as she shed tears in return.

Moments later, he finally pulled away, and both of them continued to stare at each other for what seemed like a never-ending stretch of time.

“I love you,” Drake spoke once again, this time with more certainty, leaning her down onto her bed and holding her close to him as if he never wanted to let her go ever again.

He kissed her lips several more times, running his hand up and down her chest. “I love you so much, Lexi.”

He breathed into her ear, kissing her neck, and sending her into chills while he proceeded to kiss her chest.

Lexi felt nervous. This was the first time she had been with another man in over five years since she was in a committed monotonous relationship with her last partner. She usually had insecurities about her body, afraid of letting men close to her for the fear that they found her repulsive.

However, Drake didn’t seem to mind as he explored her body with his lips, removing the straps of the pink camisole she wore from her shoulders and letting them drop down as she felt a hard press against her thigh.

“I promise to never leave you,” Drake continued to whisper, this time, removing her camisole completely and exposing her bare breasts beneath her shirt. “Oh my god, you’re so beautiful.”

He pulled his head down and circled her nipples with his tongue, tasting every part of her bosom and becoming more erect as he caressed her with his hands.

He continued kissing along her bare stomach, running his tongue across her fragile skin as both his lips and hands continued to explore down her body.

“Let me know if you want me to stop. I don’t want to overstep my boundaries, but I’m so hungry for you,” Drake whispered to Lexi as he kissed her inner thigh.

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