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The world is a dark and destructive place, and the mind is constantly flawed. Through personal traumatic and emotional experiences, such as domestic abuse, infidelity, and hospital-ridden adventures, Lena Ma brings her stories to life by exhibiting raw emotions that plague, not just her, but many others living in this world. 

"Broken & Abused: The Imprisoned Mind" brings out the painful experiences she encountered while living with a man with Asperger's, a love that was never meant to flourish. "Shamefully Vanished: A Memoir of a Girl Out of Control" documents her years under the grasps of a debilitating eating disorder that robbed her from nearly six years of her life. In one of her most recent stories, "#obsessed: Instagram Destroys Humanity", she explores deep into the dark sides of social media, influencers, and how the Internet is far from what it seems. 

Her stories come with dark, twisted scenes that reflect the horrors of reality. Happy endings are a thing of the past while the pain of disturbing reality shines.

As an aspiring author, Lena hopes to make a difference in the lives of others by exposing the truths of psychological warfare and the manipulation of the modern world.