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Letters to the Forgotten

Your Struggles Do Not Define You

"Letters to the Forgotten" is a reminder to those who are struggling with problems of everyday life, whether they are stress, depression, anxiety, fear, heartbreak, etc.. "Letters to the Forgotten" helps remind everyone that they are special JUST the way they are, and despite what anyone says, do not need to be constructed into someone they are not. We are all perfect in our own ways when we stay true to ourselves. Our lives are our own; others have no right to tell us that we are not good enough, or how we should live our lives.


When we believe in ourselves, and accept ourselves for who we are, we become the best versions of ourselves. When we stand by the warrior we were born to be, we transcend above all negativity. When we learn to live, we discover that we have much more potential than others give us credit for. We can live and love the way we want when we learn to live and love for ourselves. We are stronger than external forces. Unleash our inner strengths and become our own individual heroes.


Crazy & Obsessed

Addicted to Relationships

Everyone wants to be loved, but for some, the path to love is paved with grave mistakes, dangerous liaisons, obsession, jealousy, and rage. Uncontrolled emotions, long-festering rage, and mind-numbing depression feed a dark energy that dwells within the recesses of an unhinged mind and a desperate heart. When that beast is fed, the object of their affection, or anyone that is perceived as hindering their opportunity for true love. becomes a target of pent-up rage. It is in these dark moments that stalkers are born, the crazed roost, and desperation gives life to rebound relationships that eventually fail. Fear and pain are masked with acts so bewildering that the objects of this misguided affection find themselves at the center of a sadistic game of cat and mouse, where they either succumb to abject manipulation and crumble under its weight or risk drawing further ire and more egregious behaviors. Explore how and why seemingly ordinary people spiral out of control and create untenable situations, tainting everyone and everything who gets in their way in “Crazy & Obsessed: Addicted to Relationships”


Letters to those Loved & Lost

You Will Always Be Remembered

I love you. I hate you. Please come back. I never want to see you again! Love sucks! When love is good, it makes us feel amazing, and we want to treasure it forever. When love becomes rotten, we become so crazy and delusional that we are torn and confused, drastically trying to replace old love with new, hating ourselves for allowing unwarranted love in, and hating others for not being the ones we marry. Love messes with our emotions, making us praise and smile one minute, while overpowering us with resentment and revenge the next. However, love is not controlling or manipulative. Love only exists to allow our emotions to wander free and explore who and what we want from those we do not. Love is not an obligation; we do not have to destroy ourselves trying to find it. Love is a choice. Those who want it can embark on their own self journeys while those who do not can sit back and channel inward. Love is beautiful. But love can only be discovered if self-love has already been found.


Broken & Abused

The Imprisoned Mind

She had it all. A thriving career, a loving fiancé, and the respect of everyone she encountered. Her endless years of searching for true love finally came to an end when she met a man she believed was too good to be true. He seduced her, and his charisma put her under his spell. However, soon into the relationship, he changed. He commits unspeakable acts of abuse and infidelity that forces her to blame herself and plead for forgiveness. The more abusive he is, the more obsessive she becomes, eventually leading her life to a perpetual downfall. Will she be able to escape her relationship from hell, or will this become her eventual demise?




Lexi Grimes never knew love until she found it in the most unlikely of places. The moment she first laid eyes on him, her world changed forever. Little did she know, loving someone as much as she did would cause so much pain and lead to an eternity of blind forgiveness and second chances.

Drake Taylor fell hard for Lexi, but that love wasn’t enough to prevent him from repeatedly breaking her heart. His selfishness and inexplicable connection with Kendra Rhodes made him do things he wasn’t proud of, but he could never truly get Lexi out of his head.

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Shamefully Vanished

A Memoir of a Girl Out of Control

At birth, no child says they plan to devastate their lives, but as time, circumstances, and the stressors of life mount, the pressures can become overwhelming. For Lena, nowhere was that truer than in her life. What began as a seemingly innocuous effort to quiet the chaos and gain control of one tiny facet of her life, soon spiraled into something bigger, much more harmful. When the anorexia could no longer maintain control, bulimia became the next best option, but that too, eventually fell victim to chaos. “Shamefully Vanished: A Memoir of a Girl Out of Control” chronicles the downward spiral of a young woman who looked for solace in all the wrong places, with potentially deadly vices, and found herself in and out of treatment, psychiatric facilities, and countless emergency rooms.


Just Like Me

Fallen Victims of the Mind

Imagine a world where everyone is the same. Ordinary people look and behave just like celebrities and influencers. The lower class shares the same privileges and consequences as the upper class. There is no separation among people and no isolation among cliques. No conflicts. No competition. No envy. A world where there is complete freedom to do anything and everything without consequences. A world where morality is forbidden and driven by unspoken rules of commonality. Imagine a world where differences and personalities become extinct. Imagine a world where conscience and emotions create destruction and death.



The Unexplained Disorder

Descartes once said that human beings are predisposed to become certain individuals with innate mindsets that cannot be changed. That could not be more false for Blair Pevensie, patient zero of the unexplained mental disorder known as “Psychosia”. Psychosia triggered Blair to become both erratic and confused, to become both homicidal and suicidal, engaging in behaviors outside her conscious and moral recognition. Her fatal life inside Eloquoia Psychiatric Hospital was a destiny carved out from her traumatic surroundings as a forgotten and abused existence, forcing her to live a life of criminality, insanity, and eventual death.



The End of Human Intelligence

Welcome to the end of human intelligence, the functioning brain completely eradicated by the Himalayan virus known as “Lasactka”. The ignorance of civilization deceived them all with the deadly promise of limitless knowledge and undeniable intellect. Instead, Lasactka was designed to successfully achieve the exact opposite, draining the mental capability of humanity and reducing them to mental oblivion. We all want to be a vessel of wisdom. However, how many of us will actually put in the work to achieve that, and how fatal will we go to reach that prominence if it means never having to lift a finger?


The Ugly Truth

The Dark Side of Borderline Personality

Disorder & The Emotional Mind

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder is a disorder of the mind that disturbs over 10% of the human population but remains a chaotic enigma to this day. Fatalities of this deadly affliction are often trapped inside the impulsivity of their own selves, unable to escape from their own lethal cycles of manipulation and self-blame.


Borderline victims can be dangerous. They linger, confined, inside their impetuous and neurotic minds of self-mutilation, perpetual accusations, and malicious manipulations in attempts to pursue unknown cravings. Amongst the most volatile in romantic relationships, borderline individuals entice their partners before exhibiting callous apathy and infatuated terrorizations due to conflicting emotions. High levels of impulsivity also trigger borderline sufferers to engage in physical and emotional self-injurious behaviors when the universe fails to align with their severe philosophies.



Instagram Exposes Humanity

“#obsessed: Instagram Exposes Humanity” unmasks the dark and devious side of Instagram, a popular social platform contaminated by fabricated personalities and artificial intelligence. Inside, you’ll uncover their secrets and learn just how deep and twisted their desperation is to obtain and maintain their loyal followers. Instagram has taken over the social media world by exploiting the narcissistic egos of human beings, a deadly app that requires no effort, and if done right, seduces people into believing any dream is attainable on the Internet.

Behind the mirrors of those perfect selfies and flawless filters exist carefully calculated maneuvers and nefarious schemes to make followers trust that perception is reality, tactics used by influencers to rise up the supremacy hierarchy. What appears as perfection may in fact be nothing more than computer-generated backdrops and extreme photo editing.

No one is who they claim to be.

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Death by Vanity

Be Careful What You Change

A vicious virus plagues the world, systematically attacking those who obsess over social media and taking the perfect selfie. As it spreads, leaving a devastating trail of destruction, it forces factions of survivors to form. But their competing motives lead to further disaster and a losing battle that shakes survivors to their core and upends the lives of society’s most vain.

When a member of one of the factions falls victim to the virus, it sparks a series of horrific events that threaten not only those who have remained in the shadows but eviscerates the bond between brother and sister.

With a deadly virus intent on leaving no one unscathed, panicked survivors, a growing list of victims, and everyone’s flaws and insecurities on full display, life spirals out of control. One by one, all will meet a brutal fate. The question is, when?

Will the social media obsession and the brutal efforts to reverse lead influencers and selfie-addicts to their fatalities?



Never Let Me Go

Lexi Grimes never knew love until she found it in the most unlikely of places. The moment she first laid eyes on him, her world changed forever. Little did she know, loving someone as much as she did would cause so much pain and lead to an eternity of blind forgiveness and second chances.


Drake Taylor fell hard for Lexi, but that love wasn’t enough to prevent him from repeatedly breaking her heart. His selfishness and inexplicable connection with Kendra Rhodes made him do things he wasn’t proud of, but he could never truly get Lexi out of his head.


True love wasn’t supposed to feel like this. The one she loved wasn’t supposed to make her cry, but that’s what Drake did—too often. When Drake’s unending infidelity soon became exposed, Lexi did the unthinkable, and that changed everything.


As Drake’s life spirals out of control, Kendra’s jealousy turns to rage. Soon, that rage becomes deadly. Her seductive and unforgiving nature, ready to claim Drake as hers at all costs, proves disastrous as Drake discovers someone by his side.

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