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“Get out of my way! Get the fuck out of my way!” Sarah screams with fear as she races down the dark city streets of Philadelphia, terror trembling down her spine as she knows he isn’t far behind.

“Hey! Watch where you’re pushing!” a man waiting for the bus yells out to her as Sarah shoves him aside, the man falling over onto the sidewalk.

Their relationship had started off so well, their marriage magnificent. What’s not to like about a handsome and passionate man who adores her every step? What’s not to like about coming home to a man down on his knee, proposing to her whenever he wants to spend time together? He is the most charming and beautiful man she has ever laid eyes on, the perfect specimen of humankind. So why is she finding herself bolting away from him, tripping over the trash cans of the historical city, just to get away from the person she once thought was the love of her life?

Sprinting down Broad Street, she rounds the corner at Spruce in hopes of losing him in the brightly lit town. Her apartment is less than two blocks away, so close yet so far, and she hopes she can make it back before he catches up to her. Her face is sweating bullets, not because this is the most she has ever run in her entire life, but because she is genuinely afraid for her survival.

Fumbling with her keys, she manages to open her front door and race upstairs, slamming and deadbolting the door behind her. Breathing heavily in relief, she walks over to the fridge to pour herself a glass of wine. As she takes a sip, she sees a dark shadow from beneath the crack of her door, followed by a quiet knock, and the deep voice of a man.

“Fuck,” Sarah whispers as she drops the glass, wine spilling into the cracks of her kitchen floor.