A Letter To Those Feeling Lost And Alone: You Matter, And You Will Be Found

Do you feel lost?

Do you feel like the world around you is moving on while you remain stagnant and stuck?

Do you feel as if no one will notice if you suddenly disappeared into the darkness?

You feel alone.

You feel unaccomplished.

You feel invisible and simply trudging through life, one monotonous step at a time.

But this is just a feeling.

Everyone, even the most “successful”, at one time, has also experienced this feeling.

Remember, feelings are not reality, and “feeling lost” is not “being lost”.

You are present, you are here, and you matter in this world.

You may not think that people around you see you, but they do.

If you are gone, they will notice an absence.

You feel that they do not notice you now because they know

that you are always there, that you are reliable and loyal.

This feeling will fade.

Although it seems never-ending, someone will come along and find you again.

It may be another person or it may be you.

Someone will help you find light again and show you how this world, and the lives of people around you, will completely change if you are gone.

You don’t have to feel like you have purpose now because you are purpose.

Being alive means you are already found.

You may not notice, but people see you.

When you look in the mirror, you see you.

That’s all the evidence that you need.

So just keep breathing.

Stop trying so hard to be seen because your presence is already radiant.

Accept that you are simply experiencing a feeling, and that reality is much more different.

More importantly, if you are ever feeling alone, remember that someone else in this world is also feeling the same.

And if you can find a reason to feel hope again, maybe they can too.

Be the change for yourself and for others.