A Letter To Those Struggling With Acceptance: Begin By Learning To Accept Yourself

You crave acceptance.

We all do.

You change your hair, your clothes, even your personality, in attempts to gain acceptance.

You want those around you, peers and strangers alike, to simply like you and accept you for who you already are.

But they do not.

And it drives you insane.

You continue changing.

You spend hours researching the most likeable personality traits you can possess, and you spend your life-savings on transient lifestyles that you believe will give you an edge, despite your feelings toward them.

You keep trying.

Trying until your body gives out and your brain overloads.

You give until you have nothing left to give except for blood and bones.

Nothing changes.

They still do not accept you.

You still feel like you are on the outside.

No matter what you do, they will never let you in.

You cry.

You want this to end.

You want to stop feeling like you have nothing left.

You just want acceptance.

But you cannot obtain it the one way you have been trying.

So, what do you do?

You try again.

In a different way.

Rather than looking toward your surroundings, you look within.

Rather than seeking acceptance from your peers and strangers, you seek acceptance from yourself.

You cannot control whether others accept or reject you.

But you can control whether you accept or reject yourself.

Right now, you have been rejecting yourself.

Seeking fulfillment from others because that is what you have been taught to do.

Place your hand over the left side of your chest.

Do you feel that?

Do you feel that rhythmic beating?

That is the melody to your unique life.

From the loving and accepting heart that you possess.

Feel your heart.

Use it.

Remind yourself that you also possess a heart capable of acceptance.

When others fail to see the beauty that you are, place your hand over your chest and remember that you can see your own beauty.

When you crave acceptance from others, remind yourself that you do not have to destroy yourself for it.

You can give acceptance to yourself, and that is all that you need.