Are we all Fakes?

If no one was around to see your accomplishments, would you still care?

Those of us who use Instagram, or any other social media venues, know all too well how engaged and obsessed we can become with it. I am no exception. The more involved we become with social media, constantly posting, taking perfectly staged and angled pictures to showcase our best, and perfectly crafting this one part of our lives that we only want others to see, the more we begin to live for social media. Are we doing these things, traveling, singing, fashion statements, taking pictures, drawing, writing, etc for ourselves, because we actually enjoy it, or are we doing it to continue impressing those who follow us? Would we still be doing these things if we didn't have thousands of followers depending on our content? Would we be content living these amazing moments just for ourselves?

I recently got to thinking when my phone broke, why I was so intense on traveling and exploring. Was I doing it because I really wanted to? Or was I aggravatingly climbing to tops of mountains just so I can show others that I can? Was I paying thousands of dollars on flight tickets because I actually want to experience the world beyond me, or was I only doing it to show others that I'm not a complete loser?

If no one was around to see your accomplishments, would you still care? If we didn't have the option of bragging about "how great our lives are", would we still be doing what we do? Is social media the major influencer in how we shape our lives? If there was no option of taking that perfect picture, would you still walk a mile up a mountain, or would you simply give up?