Banish Anti-Hate

"Hating someone for having an opinion shows more about our qualities than theirs."

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We're all too familiar with standing up against the standards of beauty, the overwhelming discrimination of gender and racial inequalities, and promoting lifestyles based on health rather than weight to remove the diseases that are mental illnesses. But isn't standing up against the concepts that we hate also....well, hate? We feel comfort in standing on one side, having another side to despise, and feeling powerful and accomplished doing so. We don't like to be neutral bystanders because that makes us feel weak and unimportant. We don't see ourselves as worthy of being heard unless we can comfortably throw shade at someone or something else in the process.

But what good is this doing to us? To any of us? Isn't it kind of messed up that the only way we can feel good about ourselves is if we make someone else feel bad? Why can't, for once, we just live, satisfied with where we are, without seeking enemies? We don't need to put others down in order to feel strong because strength comes from within. We don't need to pick fights to win a battle because the only battles worth fighting are the ones within ourselves. We don't need to put others to shame in order to feel proud of ourselves because pride cannot stem from a place of greed and hate. Just because some people choose to stand by a certain stance doesn't mean we have to push them down. They have their own opinions, just like we have our own opinions. Who are we to say that our beliefs are more justified and correct than theirs? Who are we to criticize people for having their own voices? Just because we don't agree with some people doesn't give us a right to hate them.

Hating someone for having an opinion shows more about our qualities than theirs. The next time we feel the need to banish someone for their own thoughts, take a look inside ourselves and ask ourselves why we are doing it? Is it personal? Is it for attention? Or are we just doing it because we feel like we "have to"? The answer will always surprise us. So live and let live! Who cares what other people are doing with their lives and their time? If we really feel strongly about a topic, state our own opinions, but without putting others down in the process. When we learn to stop hating and start accepting that we are all different, we begin to exude essences of beauty and love.