Embrace Your Crazy

Be the crazy that you are.

Embrace the crazy that you have.

We are all crazy.

Hell, shout from the top of a building and EXPRESS YOUR CRAZINESS!

There is NOTHING WRONG with SHARING our emotions, EXPRESSING our anger, and UNLEASHING the painful feelings that we so often keep hidden.

Unfortunately, we also do not want to risk losing ourselves and our self-respects, and we especially want to avoid letting those who hurt us take away our identities.

So, what is the solution?

Unleash all the craziness in private?

Stalk cardboard cutouts of our exes instead of the actual people?

Scream into a bag?

The truth is, there is no solution.

The very thing that provides immediate relief for our pain is also the very thing that can bring us to our own demise.

Do we risk appearing insane to allow our minds and souls to heal?

Do we maintain our sanities and succumb our hearts to internal damage?

Do we choose to protect ourselves from ourselves or choose to protect ourselves from others?

We all know the saying, “We are our own worst enemies”. Suicide rates soar with each passing year. Every twelve minutes, someone commits suicide in the United States, with 120 suicides every day and close to 45,000 suicides every year. Knowing these statistics, ask yourself again, would you risk your mental health to protect your mental pride?

Would you hold in your life-threatening emotions to protect yourself from how the shallow and misunderstood world sees you?

At the end of the day, you are left alone with yourself.

Would you rather be left alone with the “you who accepts who you are”, or would you rather be locked up alone with the “you who regrets the choices that you have made”?