Fatal Love: Excerpt from New Book! Coming Soon!

Lexi had never appreciated how beautiful the Golden Gate Bridge was or how high above the water it was. Tonight, she was appreciating that in all of its glory. She stared at the red metal frame and the ropes that hung between them. Drake was calling her name, but nothing mattered anymore. Not him, and certainly not her.

The last almost decade of her life had been spent with him, worrying about him. Loving him even when she hated him the most. She had seen him move on without her time and time again. She had accepted him back with open arms every single time that he had come crawling back.

Now, she was done. She was done with it all. Done with the heartache. Done with the moving away. The drugs. The alcohol. The fucking cough syrup. The endless cycle of trying to love someone who didn’t love himself. Trying to love someone when she wasn’t worthy of love. She had never been worthy of love; she saw that now. She was always abandoned. Left for someone better. This incident was just the latest in a pattern that existed her whole life.

Tonight, she would break the cycle. She would no longer be the woman who suffered heartbreak anymore. She was done getting her heartbroken. What was the point of living if she was only going to end up miserable?