Flawed Beauty = Perfection

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, please accept the person we already are."

A cat looking at a window

We try so hard to fit into society’s standard of beauty by literally killing ourselves trying to mold ourselves into someone we’re not meant to be. We starve ourselves to fit into clothing made for dolls, we obsessively exercise and take pills to transform our bodies into something unnatural, and we become addicted to nicotine and caffeine to suppress our hunger. 

We all know too well the phrase “Beauty is Pain”, and we try to live by it despite the damage our behaviors do to our bodies. We squeeze ourselves into 12” heels and dresses we can’t breathe in just so we will be accepted by those around us. We spend thousands of dollars altering the way we look so others will finally notice us. We push ourselves to become someone opposite of who we were born to be that we can never be satisfied with our changes because we are no longer there. 

So I’m asking you, help us stop the insanity of trying to lose the person that we are naturally. Accept us for the flawed beauty that we are rather than forcing us to look like someone you’ve seen in the media. Stop trying to compare us to beauty queens and porn stars, and just love us for who we are so we can finally love ourselves for who we are. We only fall into this cycle of self-hate and self-disgust because you have told us that we are not good enough if we don’t change everything about ourselves. Listen when we tell you that it’s how we feel, rather than how we look, that truly defines beauty. Stop calling us “ugly”, “fat”, “stupid”, and “unlovable” because none of those are true. We’re just different. 

We want to wake up every morning and walk outside with pride, without makeup, without spandex, and just eat without shame. Help us love our bodies as they are by accepting us as we are. We are vulnerable, and we will get hurt when you tell us we need to be “perfect” to be “worthy”. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, please accept the person we already are.