I Love You

Sometimes I want to love you, but it's too hard.

Sometimes I want to touch you, but you're too far.

I love you. Please come back to me.

I'm sorry for all that I have done to hurt you in the past.

I'm sorry for hurting you now.

I love you.

I wish I could see you again.

I wish I could hold you again.

Remember all the fun times we had together?

Remember all the times you helped me through my worse?

Remember all the times I helped you through yours?

I'm sorry for not being in your life right now.

I wish I could be.

But I can't.

I hope you understand.

Understand that I will always love you, even when we're fall apart.

You were my first love.

My first true love.

You will be my last.

I miss you.

I love you.