Individuality Behind The Mask

To be part of society requires the relinquishing of your individuality,

Leaving us with this nightmare of darkness and confusion.

I tried so hard to belong that I gave up my personality,

Leaving me with nothing, but delusion and illusion.

Everywhere we look, we see the uprise of more and more clones,

Until the point where we no longer recognize the person in the mirror.

Similar voices, plastic masks surround, all chilling to the bone,

I hate turning into one of them, but I can see no way clearer.

Conformity has now become the common norm,

Fitting into the standard mold or else live in disarray.

I used to be special, unique, before I transformed,

Now simply trapped behind a shell, my person not on display.

They roam the streets and conquer the Internet,

Unable to distinguish fantasy from reality.

True individuality and substance we all soon forget,

Stuck in this never-ending world of lust and tragedy.