Hungry for more, Kendra spreads apart Drake’s legs even further and engulfs his penis with her mouth.

Drake finds his body defeating him, whispering words of encouragement as she strokes him with her mouth, deeper and deeper.

He can feel the back of her throat, trickling down her as she swallows. He knows what he is doing is wrong, and despite being cuffed, he wants more, pressing himself up against her as Kendra nearly chokes, her eyes watering as she feels his foot against her clitoris.

He continues to rock his hips back and forth, getting into the momentum as Kendra holds his penis against her throat for what seems like a never-ending stretch of time.

“Fuck, Kendra. That feels so fucking good. Flip over,” he whispers to her.

As Kendra repositions her body so Drake can lick between her legs some more while she continues to thrust his cock into her mouth, she uncuffs one hand so she can feel the grasp of his hand around her breasts.

Drake knows this is his moment to escape, but he doesn’t want to lose this sensation before he is ready. Kendra has gotten him so tantalized that all he can think about is fucking her, not about Lexi, not about the dead man next to him, but fucking the shit out of Kendra.

He plays with her nipples, pinching them playfully as he continues to fuck her with his tongue. Kendra was never one to grow overly sensitive; she had been known to fuck all night long, sometimes with multiple guys at once.

Drake shifts his hand over to her backside, caressing her cheeks and enjoying the perfect sight before inserting two fingers inside her while circling her vulva.