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A Steamy & Erotic Romance About Fatal Love

Lexi Grimes never knew love until she found it in the most unlikely of places. The moment she first laid eyes on him, her world changed forever. Little did she know, loving someone as much as she did would cause so much pain and lead to an eternity of blind forgiveness and second chances.

Drake Taylor fell hard for Lexi, but that love wasn’t enough to prevent him from repeatedly breaking her heart. His selfishness and inexplicable connection with Kendra Rhodes made him do things he wasn’t proud of, but he could never truly get Lexi out of his head.

True love wasn’t supposed to feel like this. The one she loved wasn’t supposed to make her cry, but that’s what Drake did—too often. When Drake’s unending infidelity soon became exposed, Lexi did the unthinkable, and that changed everything.

As Drake’s life spirals out of control, Kendra’s jealousy turns to rage. Soon, that rage becomes deadly. Her seductive and unforgiving nature, ready to claim Drake as hers at all costs, proves disastrous as Drake discovers someone by his side.

Can true love conquer temptation and lust?

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