No Contact Rule!

What is "The No Contact Rule"?

According to the online definition, "The No Contact Rule" is a short period of time, usually 30, 60 or 90 days where you have absolutely no contact with your ex, not through phone, not through text, not through email, Facebook, Instagram or whatever other social media platforms you like to stalk your ex on! What the "The No Contact Rule" is really meant for is to allow ourselves to heal and forget about our exes.

However, most of us mistaken this rule as a way to win our exes back! There are thousands of articles and blogs that talk about "The No Contact Rule" as a way of making your ex miss you and want to come back. These articles tell you that "The No Contact Rule" is a guaranteed way to make your ex come running back to you, but they are wrong! Love cannot be controlled nor can it be manipulated. We cannot enforce some stupid rule and expect a human being to completely fall for it. So often we ask how long before "The No Contact Rule" becomes effective. So often we try to shortcut this rule because we so desperately want our exes back. But it does not work! It doesn’t matter if you’ve done "The No Contact Rule" for an entire year!

Nothing will make your ex truly come back to you unless they want to. Sure, they might hit you up for a casual hookup when they are feeling low and unloved, but that does not mean they want you back! Receiving a text from your ex telling you they miss you does not mean they want you back! Your ex may come back, but this only lasts temporarily because the reasons that caused the breakup to happen in the first place are all still there, and a stupid rule does not resolve all the problems.

There is no guaranteed way for you to get your ex back. "The No Contact Rule" is only effective in helping you get over them and live your life again around yourself rather than agonizing over them. Breakups are hard. They cut deep into our hearts. Sometimes they make us feel as if the pain will never end. But it does. All pain exists, but all pain also ends. You have had heartbreaks before and you have gotten over them. Just remember that. Love does not control you.