No One Truly Cares

So-called “activists” and “protesters” only seem to care when they know they have an audience.

Scrolling through Instagram during protests results in a 250% increase in “Black Lives Matter” posts and profile updates, claiming to be concerned and demanding justice for this cause. But, let’s face it, unless you’re dealing with this injustice directly, or even indirectly, you don’t actually give a shit about black lives, just like you don’t give a shit about animal rights or environmental health unless there’s a protest going on or if the topic is “trendy” and “popular”.

We see people with “Black Lives Matter” signs parading around town, but at the same time, they still see blacks as their stereotypes, calling them the N-word and fearing them. We see people with “Stop Animal Abuse” signs, but at the same time, they’re killing mice and eating brutally massacred cows. We see people with “Protect the Environment” signs, but at the same time, we see them littering and polluting the environment with overuse of hairspray products.

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