Stop Being Normal!

I am not normal.

I will admit it.

I am addicted to love.

I fall in love too quickly.

I drive myself and others up the wall when I feel that love is fading away.

I experience losing a relationship the same way I experience being stabbed in the chest by a sharp knife.

I risk my life and dignity just so someone will stay with me.

I willingly allow others to walk over me and take advantage of me because I fear they will leave otherwise.

I tell myself and the person I am with that I am in love with him too soon into the dating phase, and I have trouble separating love from infatuation and loneliness.

I go back to exes and people I used to know when my dating life seems catastrophic, and I move too fast and then wonder why I am unlovable.

I give others what they need right off the bat, and I leave myself, and my heart, with nothing.

I stalk exes and obsessively contact their family in hopes for second chances when I have done nothing wrong and even when I am no longer in love.

I crave attachment and the idea of knowing I am with someone rather than wanting to be with someone.

I threaten to hurt myself and make up fake aliases to give exes reasons to not ignore me and keep them around for as long as possible.

I refuse to let people go even when I am with someone new, and I become overwhelmed with rage when they are no longer interested in me.

I disclose my entire life to complete strangers in hopes that the pity card wins me brownie points.

I am addicted to love.

And I am okay with that.