Stop Pretending!

How do we deal with this pain?

How do we breathe when our minds cannot fathom reality?

How do we wake up every morning when the depression weighs us down?

How do we “get over it and move on”?

We are told to love ourselves instead, but how do we do that?

What if we no longer know what it means to love ourselves because we have spent all our time loving others?

What if our overwhelming fears make us incapable of ever loving again?

We look at others and wonder how they get over heartbreak. We envy those who seem to heal by the snap of a finger. But, are they healed? Are they really over their heartbreaks, or are they just that good at hiding their pain? We live in a world where we must pretend to be strong, where we must pretend to be resilient in the face of obstacles, and where we must walk outside with our shits held together and the biggest smiles slapped on our faces or risk being judged for having problems. God forbid that humans beings have problems!

We all have issues in our lives, but we still judge those around us for having the same issues. We are hypocrites. We hold others to double standards. We are intelligent enough to know the consequences of our actions, but we are also too proud to admit our flaws. We believe that by meddling in the lives of others and giving them advice that we do not believe in, then we can pretend that our own struggles do not exist.