The Blade Of My Right Hand

The Blade Of My Right Hand

The pain I feel deep inside is like none I have ever experienced before.

The expression of my woes leaves me speechless and cold.

My heart is dead; my blood runs still; my soul always yearning for more,

Even as the days pass me, my eyes cry for you as I turn old.

They say time heals all wounds, and your betrayal will soon be forgotten,

What they don’t realize is how swiftly you came into my life, like a sweet, summer breeze,

Allowing me to trust you, love you, believe in you, now leaving my memories rotten.

I opened myself to you, vulnerable, and you brought me to my knees.

I thought you were different; I thought you were real.

You pushed me to the ground, left me in tears for what you have done.

I thought you were perfect, the way you made me feel,

And I knew I had to leave, but you took away my courage to run.

You stabbed me with a knife and betrayed me when I was down.

I lie awake at night, haunted by our endless fights,

Memories of you suffocating me as I feel ready to drown.

With you gone, I can finally enter the light.

We were so close, so connected, never knowing what we may find.

I knew they changed you, tampering your brain, turning you corrupt.

The others who came and went wounded my body, but you wounded my mind.

Times are different now; I’m ready to give up.

I can still hear your voice; the stillness inside me will never fade away.

You tell me we will never be the same as you watch me burn up in flames.

I cry for help; I cry for you, knowing you will never stay.

I blame myself, while you stand there holding onto my shame.

I miss you, my friend, goodbye forever as I feel myself nearing death.

With this blade I forgive you, as I take my final breath.