The Comfort Of My Piercing Needle

The Comfort Of My Piercing Needle

You made me trust you, believe you were my remedy.

You loved me dearly as I let you embrace my veins.

I thought I would be cool, develop a better identity,

Instead, you destroyed me, your breath worse than cocaine.

I need to get out, leave, scared of what I’ll say,

When I lie to those I love, blind to who I see in my mirror.

But every time I run, you always convince me to stay,

For without you with me, I become angry and bitter.

Who have I become? What have I turned into?

It hurts so much, the scars no one can see.

How did I become so dependent, helpless, hopeless, without you?

I feel so lost, so broken, someone please help me.

You made me your slave, ravished my body and drove me insane.

Every night I slumber alone, you haunt my sleep and come knocking.

Too late for regrets and sorrow, the days I shall never regain.

Nothing surprises me anymore, nothing I find shocking.

My hands cold, my heart blackens, I’ve become sick of relapsing.

Even as I gasp, no one will aid my pleading cries.

My eyes burn deep; why does this keep happening?

No one to my rescue, all stuck between my truth and lies.

I’m all alone now, waiting for my end.

I used to have it all, trophies and certificates on my shelf.

This piercing needle and glass, now my only friends.

Who am I? I no longer know. End my life as I kill myself.