The Foreign Affair

Five years ago, she had boarded a plane alone to Tokyo after the man she believed was the love of her life left her without saying a word. A month later, she found out that he had moved home to his mother’s in Norfolk, Virginia, an ecstatically disgusting picture on his social media telling her he didn’t miss her nearly as much as she missed him. She thought a trip far away to the other side of the globe would be enough to heal her from her heartbreak and sadness. She had no intention of looking for love; it seemed to have found her, at least, that what she thought anyway.

Standing alone in the middle of Shibuya Crossing with six shopping bags in her hands and a large map, she struggled to find her way back to her hotel. As she continued to walk in circles, a young, handsome man approached her.

“Hi, excuse me, miss. Do you need some help?” he asked in a thick Japanese accent.

As he spoke, Sarah continued walking, wanting to pay no mind to strangers as she just wanted to be left alone. Despite her quick attempt to speed up, the man refused to walk away.

“Miss, miss! Excuse me, miss, hi!”

Feeling trapped, Sarah reached her hand out to shake his, her body trembling as she hated social interactions with strangers. The touch of his hand felt cold, no sensation drifted through her body, but her desperation for company forced her to stay so her overwhelming loneliness didn’t consume her.