The Unknown

The remaining bodies on the front lawn splinter, raining down flesh-toned, glass-like pieces that blend in with the faint patches of grass growing from the dirt ground. Kayla screams again, refusing to stop until her voice gives out on her. A chilling sensation runs down Clare’s spine as the bodies sprinkle before her very eyes, forming the words,

“You’re next”.

“You’re next?! What the hell does that mean!?” Bill shouts.

“I DON’T WANT TO DIE!!” Jonah screams as he runs around the living room, pushing over chairs and knocking down the glass trinkets placed neatly on the mantle of the fireplace.

“What the FUCK is going on!?” Kayla panics as she runs to her purse, digging for her phone while Clare and the others continue to watch the madness unfold outside. More people dropping to the ground, more black substance turning the peaceful desert into midnight magma.

“Hello? I-I need to report an emergency, there’s...there’s people literally dropping d-dead outside. I think they’re dying. They’re bleeding some sort of black liquid everywhere and having seizures and— NO, I’M NOT CRAZY!! I KNOW WHAT I’M SEEING! YOU’RE CRAZY! Don’t you dare hang up on me! Don’t hang up on me!! We need help! WE NEED HELP!!” Kayla screams into her phone as the cops on the other end refuse to believe her.

Realizing the cops aren’t going to be much help, Clare turns her attention to the door, watching as the infamously moronic Bill pulls on his coat and boots. That clearly isn’t a smart idea, considering everyone who stepped foot outside seemed to die...

Clare looks at Bill, “You’re not going to make it if you go out there,” she says, her voice emotionless. “You should stay here.”