Trust Yourself

Trust yourself.

Trust. This simple 5-letter word is one of the most powerful words that can exist. Trust can take us to levels we could have never imagined, or it can crush is to a point of no return. When we decide to open up ourselves and trust another person, we are giving ourselves to someone else, we are telling that other person that we believe that they will not hurt us, we are telling ourselves that this other person is our protection and that we are safe.

When that trust is broken, our entire world turns around. We are no longer protected, and we are no longer ourselves. Someone else has taken who we are and decided that we are no longer worthy of protecting. Someone else has taken our vows and our beliefs and decided we are no longer valid of their trust. When someone betrays us, it hurts like hell. We lose ourselves, and worse, we hate ourselves. We no longer know who we are because, if the person we trusted didn't care about us, why should we? Why not just give up?

It's so difficult to decide who we're going to trust and who we're not. It's so much easier to just not trust anyone and keep everything built up inside. It's so much easier to just presume everyone will betray us and hurt us, and reason that with ourselves as an excuse to not open up.

So why do we still trust? Part of us believes that there is still good inside people, that even if we have to endure 100 betrayals, that one day we will find someone who will make us believe in trust again. One day, we will learn to love and believe again. Trust everyone. Trust no one. Trust someone. Trust one. Trust yourself.