Unrequited Support

How often do we devote our time and energy toward those who barely give two shits about our lives? We make changes and give up what we love for hopes the other person will notice. We put off our own dreams to support theirs. We try and we try, hoping that one day, they’ll finally see us as people.

Unfortunately, sometimes that never happens. Sometimes, despite how much effort, patience, and love we give to someone, they still don’t see us, they still don’t care, a feeling that makes our hearts sink to the ground and as if someone has removed the ground from under our feet. Sometimes, the person that we want most to appreciate us, never does, and that’s something we cannot control.

We know way too well that, when someone rejects us or doesn’t see us, that it’s a sign to pick up our dignities and move on. But we also know, that what we believe doesn’t always translate into our actions. On the surface, we put on a face that we have moved on and that we couldn’t care less about the other person anymore, but deep down, we know it still stings, still clinging onto that hope that one day, things will be different if we only continue to hold on and continue to be patient and kind.

I can tell you from experience that patience and kindness only gets us so far. It only keeps us in the zone of being taken advantage of. We become the support and never the supported. We become the person they turn to when they are low and ignored when they are high.

I know many of you are experiencing this, some have been for years even, hoping for unrequited love and support. The truth hurts, but it will relieve you of the sinking pain you have deep inside your stomach. When someone actively chooses not to care about who you are as a person, or how you’re dealing with life situations, you have to find someone who will.

It’ll all be okay, even when it feels like hell now. I’ve been there. I know. Trust me.