We are Addicted to Social Media

Having a million followers on the Internet, 99.9% of whom we don’t even know, does not make us important and deserving of attention. Who cares how many likes we get per post?

Most of the people who like our posts are only randomly clicking on our images to get likes back, not because they actually believe our posts are magnificent. Who cares if our follower count shoots up by twice as much in one day? What’s the point of having thousands upon thousands of followers when we end up alone after putting down our phones?

Social sharing networks like Instagram have boosted our egos to unimaginable levels, and not in a positive way. We shame ourselves and others when theirs or our profiles don’t look pristine, and we base our self-worth and importance by how many comments we receive on a daily basis. We secretly (and sometimes, openly) judge others and demean them when they only receive two likes while we have received five, using these numbers as a measure of self-worth. We become so fame-hungry for virtual popularity that we forget how to be human, and we treat other human beings with disrespect and hatred just to climb that ladder of temptation to…nowhere.

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