We are Crazy for Love. We Die for Love.

Everyone wants to be loved, but for some, the path to love is paved with grave mistakes, dangerous liaisons, obsession, jealousy, and rage.

Uncontrolled emotions, long-festering rage, and mind-numbing depression feed a dark energy that dwells within the recesses of an unhinged mind and a desperate heart. When that beast is fed, the object of their affection or anyone that is perceived as hindering their opportunity for true love becomes a target of pent-up rage. It is in these dark moments that stalkers are born, the crazed roost, and desperation gives life to rebound relationships that eventually fail.

Fear and pain are masked with acts so bewildering that the objects of this misguided affection find themselves at the center of a sadistic game of cat and mouse, where they either succumb to abject manipulation and crumble under its weight or risk drawing further ire and more egregious behaviors. Explore how and why seemingly ordinary people spiral out of control and create untenable situations, tainting everyone and everything who gets in their way in “Crazy & Obsessed: Addicted to Relationships”.

"Crazy & Obsessed: Addicted to Relationships" is a non-fiction memoir documenting the dark side of relationships that most of us choose to ignore. Intelligence and logic are no match for heartbreak because emotions overtake during painful moments. We fault ourselves for behaviors we do not realize we commit, and we let our emotions define who we are as people. However crazy and obsessive you believe the actions you have done are, trust me, you are not alone. I have been there. We have all been there. It is time to stop allowing pain to define how we love and forgive the victim that is our brains. Love is complex, and for so long, we have been focusing it outward. It is time to start channeling our love inward. It is time to start loving ourselves, for it is impossible to love others when we do not have any.

Crazy & Obsessed: Addicted to Relationships