We are Manipulated by Impossible Beauty Standards

Mainstream media has promoted unrealistic beauty for years, more so since the rise of Photoshop, portraying stick-thin fashion models and chiseled celebrities in place of feasible bodies.

This unrealistic portrayal of women and men has caused deadly consequences since, as models and gymnasts began starving themselves for their careers, and young boys and girls developed eating disorders trying to look like their icons.

The world of social media has destroyed healthy self-esteem and body image, with Instagram playing right into the game. Altered body images now become common for gaining followers with curated Instagram feeds channeled toward making ourselves more likeable, yet, also more depressed. Instagram forces us to parade around half-naked and post pictures of our external bodies on our profiles because it manipulates us into believing that those images get results.

Because of how desperate we are, we go for it and expose our naked bodies online even when we don’t want to. We willingly post nudes because we have been brainwashed to believe that people will like us more if we do so. This has gotten so bad that some people have taken advantage of this and utilize Instagram as their own personal porn stash.

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