We Can Heal

"We can all heal because we are all victims despite our roles in breakups."

We all get hurt.

We all feel guilty.

We all have regrets.

We all have pain in our hearts.

We all need comfort and closure.

We all need people to confide in.

Most importantly, we all need to forgive so we can heal.

Forgive the ones who walk away from us.

Forgive the ones who tell us we are not worth staying loyal to.

Forgive the ones who drive us to our breaking points.

Forgive the ones who force us to walk away for our own sanities.

Forgive the ones who deceive us into forming relationships with them.

Forgive the ones who betray our trusts.

Forgive the ones who cheat on us.

Forgive everyone who has ever hurt us and let go of grudges.

While it may seem therapeutic to hate those who hurt us and swear to never have anything to do with them again, when we continue to hate people with such passion long after heartbreak, it is because we hate ourselves. Most of us do not love ourselves enough to stop our hateful thinking. We falsely believe that we love ourselves so we do everything we can to have others also believe that we love ourselves. We join meditation retreats, take ourselves out on dates, and write “#iloveme!” on our mirrors to deceive ourselves into believing that we have self-love.

Do we though?

Our actions and thoughts when we are in our worst moments truly reflect how we think of ourselves.

We are not our hashtags.

We are far from who we present to the world.

It is okay to not love ourselves as much as we should.

It is okay to smile at the world while dying on the inside.

It is okay to feel negative emotions toward other people.

The only thing that is not okay is lying about it, pretending that we are happy and full of life when all we want to do is say “fuck you”.