What Happens When We Turn Our Emotions Off?

When we turn off our emotions and how we feel toward situations, we experience a lack of emotional and physical pain that can prove as life-saving.

Normally, when we experience mental pain such as heartbreak, our minds and bodies take in this information and learn from it:

-The types of triggers that cause us to react emotionally,

-How quickly or slowly our bodies react to different situations and,

-How our bodies recover and the time it takes to do so.

We subconsciously store information based on each interaction or relationship with people, so when we enter back into the dating world, we actively screen out those who remind us of our pasts. We avoid people who have similarities to those who have hurt us, and we gravitate toward people who have similarities to those who have loved us.

When we remove the pain, we are no longer able to recognize and screen out the people who will hurt us. We put ourselves in a place of high risk and danger because we can no longer recognize signs that our pasts have given us.

When we train ourselves to become emotionless and stop feeling, we lose the quality that makes us human: empathy. When we stop feeling, we also stop caring, and we end up turning off our emotions toward everyone around us, good and bad, and we become soulless. Turning off our emotions means we are telling ourselves and others that we do not care and do not want to care.