When You Know It's All Over

However, a wave of rage swept over her as she saw a lace bra laying on the third step from the top, one that was far too big to be hers. She climbed the rest of the steps and saw her perfectly organized bedroom destroyed, clothes scattered all over the carpet, bed covers haphazardly thrown over her computer, and God only knows what stains were decorating her rug.

But that was nothing compared to what she saw on her $800 bed, her boyfriend and some pale-ass woman she had never seen before, stripped down naked, and entangled between the sheets. Sarah couldn’t tell which arm or leg belong to whom, but they seemed to not have noticed her as the legs of the woman were still spread apart, Sam thrusting himself in and out of her as he caressed her back and ran his tongue across her breasts. Sarah didn’t know why, but she continued to watch him rock his hips against the woman, her fingers digging into his body, before throwing her heel at him right when he was about to orgasm.

For two whole minutes, silence filled the apartment. In shock, all Sarah could do was stand there and stare at the naked pair. The tension was so thick that she felt like she was frozen in ice.

And then, the strange woman spoke with a mysterious accent that Sarah couldn’t place, “You’re right; I am much prettier than her.”