Women are STRONG

"Many of us have been told that only women are held to high standards. However, men deal with the same pressure as women do because women and men are equally mean and cruel, just as we are both are equally vulnerable to pain and rejection."

We like to categorize men as “dogs”, “pigs”, and the 50 other animals we call men after they break our hearts. Yes, men lie, cheat, run, and abuse, both verbally and physically, but so do women. In fact, women can sometimes be worse because we usually do not associate domestic abuse with women.

Women are still seen as “weak”, “frail”, and “victims”. Even if a woman repeatedly kicks a man’s genitalia, we still defend her by saying she must have been provoked.

Women are just as terrible as men, but do we see movies, magazines, and books catered toward men outlining,

“10 Ways to Find Your Inner Masculinity Again After a Breakup”,

“You are a Beautiful and Independent Angel Without a Woman”,

“Be the Unforgettable Man”,

“Discover your Spiritual Manhood”, or

“The Penis Monologues”?