You are Psychotic. And it's Okay!


Do what you need to get all the shit you have out of your system, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT, let your exes know that you have been miserable without them! If you do not already look pathetic in their minds, you DEFINITELY WILL if you tell them that you have been locked up in your basement for the past three weeks, crying about how much you miss them while listening to Taylor Swift and how much you wish you could see them.

KEEP IT TOGETHER! Please DO NOT be that person who obsessively emails, texts, calls, or shows up at your ex’s home or work unannounced!

I have been there.

I have done all of that.

I have locked my phone in a safe to avoid texting, just to break open the latch ten minutes later.

I have forced a friend to take my phone, just to fight her into giving it back.

I have traveled four hours to sit in the parking lot of my ex’s workplace, just to be ignored.

I have skipped work to sit outside my ex’s apartment until he came home from vacation, just to have him walk right by me.

I have frantically texted my ex’s family to try to relay my messages to him through them.

I have smashed my phone to prevent the urge to call my exes. (And no, deleting numbers never work because we always manage to find them, either through billing statements, mutual friends, social media, or work, school, and city directories, and we memorize them to the point where it becomes the only number we can recite.)

I have done it all.

Trust me.

You do not want to go there.

It feels like shit, and it makes you want to crawl into a hole and die!

You are beautiful!

DO NOT die on me!

DO NOT become the stalker that makes your exes proud of their decisions to walk away.

Be the person who is STRONG enough to walk away.

Make your exes regret leaving you!

When they do regret it, DO NOT take them back!

Anyone who can crush us once, can always crush us again.