You are Worth More

Why is it difficult for people to compromise without maintaining stubbornness?

We are all strong and independent people who had lives of our own before we fell in love, and we strive to continue to have lives even when that love is taken away. However, when heartbreak hits, our hearts drop to the ground, our brains turn into mush, and we become the people we ridicule in romantic movies. When we are heartbroken, we can only focus on trying to get our exes back. We do not take the time to reflect on whether having them back is what we truly want, and we do not know if we still love them. We only know that we want them because we no longer have them.

We want what we cannot have. We need that challenge, and our exes thrive on that. We give them power when we chase after them, and they hold onto that power when they refuse to acknowledge us. They know that as soon as they answer us or hint that they want us back, we stop chasing, and ALL EXES LOVE BEING CHASED.

This is also why exes always come back AS SOON AS we stop chasing. Like I said, human beings want what they cannot have, and they will go crazy until they get it.

Why is it difficult for people to form faithful relationships without craving infidelity or drama?

Why is it difficult for people to stop fucking with our emotions so they can feel satisfied and powerful?

Why is it difficult for people to stop expecting us to prove our love to them daily?

Why is it difficult for people to stop manipulating others into romantic love?